Go beyond and live the life!


Whether you want to boost your energy or unwind after a long day, PortoHeli's Exclusive Concierge will satisfy your needs. We can arrange for your yoga lessons, tennis courses, scuba diving or a professional therapist for a totally unparalleled experience to calm your senses, your body and your  soul... Being healthy and fit is not a trend, it is a lifestyle!

Our Master Scuba Diving Trainer along with his experienced and friendly staff, can promise you an unforgettable and safe scuba diving experience. They take great measures to ensure safe diving and have very high safety standards. All Instructors and Divemasters are experienced professionals with training in CPR, First Aid, and Emergency Diving Procedures.

The Art of Beekeeping! A specially curated outing to the Bairaktaris family apiary nearby reveals both age-old and more modern methods of beekeeping. The farm supplies the best honey in the area of Portoheli and offers a detailed tasting, including the farm’s renowned clove and thyme honeys. They also make a range of natural propolis moisturizers infused with local herbs. 

 Close to Portoheli, a traditional farmhouse rests in a picturesque valley, surrounded by orchards, groves and fields tilled as they have been for centuries. Children can collect eggs and feed the farm animals, while the adults learn more about farm life. Then sit down at the old wooden table on the sunlit veranda to enjoy an authentic Greek farmhouse breakfast with the farmer and his family.