Spetsathlon 2024

Friday 17th - Sunday 14th May 2024

The Spetsathlon is a mass sporting event being held in an island boasting a long naval tradition and rich history, offering a variety of activities, short excursions and romantic trips around the island in horse-drawn carriages. 

Spetsathlon, the biggest and best triathlon race in Greece...inviting not only triathletes but more to spend an amazing weekend on the picturesque island of Spetses!

Apart from the sprint and endurance races on Sunday, participants will have the opportunity on Saturday to train and compete in three more races: two swimming races (1km & 3km) as well as the 25k island bicycle race.

This May, both triathlete and swimming or bike champions from Greece and abroad , together with more than 1,000 athletes will be a part of a great sport event celebration!

For more information please visit the official page of the  http://spetsathlon.com/     

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